Designed to Achieve Leed® Platinum


As the first building in Tysons to achieve LEED® Platinum certification – the highest standard of sustainability as measured by the U.S. Green Building Council – 1775 Tysons Boulevard reaffirms Lerner’s deeply-rooted commitment to leadership in world-class, sustainable development.

Many of the nation’s most forward-thinking and successful companies have embraced LEED® because they recognize the diverse benefits and best business practices associated with sustainable design. These industry leaders recognize that by optimizing the work environment of their employees, they are able to increase productivity and profitability and decrease turnover. 1775 Tysons far exceeds industry standards for indoor environmental quality, including abundant access to daylight and views, use of low-emitting materials and unsurpassed air quality and thermal comfort – all of which are crucial to employee health and wellness.

The state-of-the-art engineering at 1775 Tysons minimizes environmental impact by utilizing recycled and locally-sourced materials, conserving precious resources such as energy and water, and drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions and stormwater runoff.  Likewise, the landscaping surrounding the building and in Central Park incorporates local plants with minimal irrigation needs. 

With such a wide range of sustainable features, 1775 Tysons is a responsible high-rise office building that provides a luxuriously healthy, vibrant and productive workplace. 


The core and shell will provide increased ventilation, pulling fresh air into the building and carefully filtering internal spaces, greatly improving indoor air quality.

Open-Air Park

Mature tree-lined roadways, pedestrian friendly walkways and a one-acre Central Park, located at the intersection of Tysons Boulevard and Galleria Drive, maximizes open space and creates a scenic environment for tenants and visitors to enjoy.


75% of occupied areas will have access to daylight and views. Optimizing the amount of natural daylight in the workspace improves working conditions, boosts employee wellness, satisfaction and morale.


1775 Tysons Boulevard is one of the most accessible office buildings in the region with direct access to public transportation, including Tysons Corner Metro Station on the Silver Line, and numerous bus lines.


As a model of green entrepreneurship and as an agent of change, the building management will collect and dispose of recyclables such as paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and other materials.


1775 Tysons Boulevard has a WalkScore rating of 82 for accessibility and convenience. A pedestrian sky bridge connects buildings in Tysons II to a superior collection of amenities including shopping, dining, services and hotel accommodations.

CO2 Reduction

57% reduction in CO2 emmisions compared to non-LEED® office buildings. This reduces the strain on Earth's most precious resource, water.

Recycled Content

40% of the building materials are made from post-industrial recycled content, helping to reduce environmental and social impacts.

Water Efficiency

The use of water-efficient, native and adapted plants reduces the demand for water needed for growth, ensures reliable water sources and creates aesthetically appealing grounds for Tenants and visitors.

Green Energy

100% of the energy consumed will come from green energy.

Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportationis provided by access to ample bicycle storage, 70 preferred parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles, and conveniently located charging stations for electric vehicles.

Temperature Control

The highly reflective and emissive cool-roof system is designed to minimize the base building's contribution to heat-island effect and relieve the cooling energy load during hot summer months.

Regional Materials

33% of the building materials will be extracted, harvested and manufactured locally.

Stormwater Retention

100% of stormwater is collected in detention ponds that have been specifically designed to filter the water as it drains in preperation for the next storm event.

Curtain Wall

A highly efficient curtain wall system with low-e glass will keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Improving temperature and humidity control provides a comfortable working environment.